“Ein Konzert der Köningsklasse.”  Sebastian Krämer


“Een geweldig voorkomen en dito stem. De complete band is duidelijk ook van een groot kaliber.  Dede Priest zingt niet alleen de blues maar laat je deze ook voelen, heerlijk!"  Jan vanden Berg


"Ihr stimmgewaltiges Charisma verbreitet energiegeladenen Delta-Blues."  Dieter Hanisch


"La blues singer texana ha entusiasmato il numeroso pubblico ... Dede Priest sprigiona gioia, ritmo, elasticità dinamica, autoritaria quanto basta ed elegante nei cenni più soul. E' sempre appassionata ... il pubblico se ne accorge tributandole un lungo e caloroso abbraccio."   Alceste Ayroldi


"No pen can describe what this 'Lady of Blues and Soul' puts on our plates. With her powerful voice, she mixes Soul, Blues, and R&B into a cocktail that keeps the whole place in awe."  Bluesbreeker


"After a bill of mostly men, the only female artist showed that not only men can make people go crazy. Dede Priest reminds one of the divas of the past, but with a very modern sound. Together with her band, she gave an impressive performance."  Delta Journal


"With her charisma and beautiful voice, Dede Priest grabbed the audience. Together with her band, she offered a nicely balanced set full of rhythm and swing, also mixing in some slower moments to catch your breath. A well-deserved encore. Hats off!" Marc Bouillon


"What a voice this lady has!" Ashwyn Smith, Phoenix FM / Digital Blues


"A Modern Day Blues Queen." Blues Society of Austin, Texas


"The place was packed for a reason for this excellent blues act. Because of the diversity of their show, you couldn’t get bored. Dede’s voice was excellent, and using her stage presence to the fullest, she pleased many men in a playful way. The guitar solos, fantastic keyboards, and tight rhythm section took care of the rest. Again, a performance to talk about." Bobtje Blues


"Delivers delicious vocals!"  Colin Everett, Blues Freepress


"The City Center at the Market Square went crazy at the late night show of Dede Priest. She has been compared to big singers like Aretha Franklin and Janis Joplin. We agree with that. What a voice!"  Maasstad Journal


"From the very first moment, the show is swinging. This Texas Blues and Soul Queen, with her Aretha Franklin voice and her great band, provides a show that radiates pleasure."  Bert "Bluesman Meppel" Reinders


"If you ask me, Dede Priest is a blues pearl of the purest kind. Not only does she have a warm personality, but above all her vocals are really tastey. As we West Flemish people say, 'She has a hell of a voice!'"  Bobtje Blues


"A soulful, gospel voice that is beautiful in all ways." Sis van Hoof, Back to the Roots Magazine


"It has to be said that this singer has a tremendous voice and delivers a sexy performance."  Thomas Kaldijk, Radio Parkstad