Dede Priest:  Vocals, Guitar, Violin
Johnny Clark:  Vocals, Guitar
Ray Oostenrijk:  Bass
Leon Toonen:  Drums

With JOHNNY CLARK & THE OUTLAWS, Dede Priest is doing what she loves most:  painting with all three instruments.  Dede Priest and Johnny Clark & The Outlaws have developed a unique and recognizable sound that blends Blues with elements of Rock, Gospel, Folk, and Soul.  In a short time, they have begun to tour regularly, and their first CD, "FLOWERS UNDER THE BRIDGE" was recently released December 2017.



"If you are a sucker for energy driven rock, blues, indie rock, a dash of funk and country fronted by a Texan woman who has a mesmerizing and haunting voice, have I got a band for you ...This is a match truly made in music heaven ...Their songs reek of originality in both lyrics and musical attack ... This band is simply amazing ... The energy they deliver with just four musicians is beyond what words can describe ... I guess you gathered by now that I consider Dede’s vocal powers to be coming from a magically soulful alternate universe. I just can’t say enough ... You truly owe it to yourself to pick this one up ... Play it loud!"

Blues Blast Magazine, USA ~ April 1018 ~


"Internationalem Topniveau ... Mit Flowers Under The Bridge ist mit Abstand sein bestes Album geglückt ... Aus allen Ecken und Winkeln groovt ein mächtiger Bluessound ... Exzellenten Geigen- und Gitarrenspiel."

"International Top-level ... Flowers Under The Bridge is by far their best album ... A powerfull bluessound from all angles ... Excellent violin- and guitarlicks."

Sound Analyse, Germany ~ December 2017 ~


“Erg geslaagde samenwerking van Dede Priest & Johnny Clark & the Outlaws ... Interessante muzikale trip, waarbij blues en aanverwante stijlen worden afgetast ... Deze muzikale samenwerking is een combinatie, die event organisators zeker zou moeten aanspreken! ... Really impressed!”

"Very succesfull cooperation between Dede Priest and Johnny Clark & The Outlaws ... Interesting musical journey, in which blues and resembling styles are being explored ... This musical cooperation is a combination that should appeal to event organisors fur sure! ... Really impressed!"

RootsTime, Belgium ~ December 2017 ~

BLUESMAGAZINE (The Netherlands)

“Soulvolle zang, Strakke ritmesectie, slepende viool, pompende bas, fraai gitaarspel.”"Soulful vocals, tight rhythm section, creeping violin, pumping bass, beautiful guitarlicks."

BluesMagazine, The Netherlands ~ December 2017 ~


“Johnny Clark & The Outlaws vereinen Elemente aus Rock, Blues und Country und bilden das passende Gegenstück zu Priests phänomenaler Stimme ... Dede Priest und Johnny Clark & The Outlaws erinnern in ihrer musikalischen Bandbreite an Steve Earle & The Dukes. Sie vermischen Blues, Country, Folk und Soul zu einem außergewöhnlich-interessanten Sound ... Diese erfolgversprechende texanisch-niederländische Zusammenarbeit hat ein bemerkenswertes Album hervorgebracht, das Genre übergreifend mehr Anerkennung verdient."

"Johnny Clark & The Outlaws combine elements of Rock, Blues and Country and create the fitting counterpart for Priest’s phenomenal voice ... Dede Priest and Johnny Clark & The Outlaws, from a musical point of view, remind us of Steve Earl & The Dukes ...They mix Blues, Country, Folk and Soul into a remarkably interesting sound ...This promising Texan-Dutch cooperation brought forth a remarkable album, that deserves more recognition in the cross-over genre."

Sounds of South, Germany ~ December 2017 ~


"Een reisje is waarbij de crossroads tussen blues en aanverwanten worden afgetast ... Een album dat mede door zijn diversiteit nimmer gaat vervelen en dus kijken we al uit naar de festival podia en een samenwerking die wonderwel werkt."

"A journey in which the crossroads between blues and resembling styles are being explored ... An album that will never bore you due to its diversity and and that is why we are looking forward to their performances and cooperation that works really well."

Rootsville, Belgium ~ December 2017 ~


"Een uitstekend album; swingende grooves, hemelse viool, pittig gitaarwerk.”

"An excellent album; swinging grooves, heavenly violin, spicy guitarlicks."

Concert Monkey, Belgium ~ January 2018 ~


"Uitzonderlijke klasse ... Een mijlpaal in de Dede Priest - Johnny Clark & The Outlaws geschiedenis. Zeker weten!"

"Exceptional level ... A milestone in the Dede Priest - Johnny Clark & The Outlaws history. For sure!"

BealeStreet, Belgium ~ January 2018 ~


"Bewegt sich stilistisch zwischen Blues, Southern Rock, Soul, Jazz und Folk und verfügt über eine beeindruckende Stimme ... sehr abwechslungsreich und unterhaltsam ... eine gelungene Scheibe."

"Moves stylewise between Blues, Southern Rock, Soul, Jazz and Folk ... impressive voice ... very diverse and entertaining ... a succesful record."

Concerto Magazine, Austria ~ March 2018 ~


“En bra rockplatta som jag faktiskt gillade, men jag ställer inte in den i avdelningen för vit blues, den hamnar bland de andra.”

"A good rock album that I liked ... I would not put it in the white blues department.  It ends up among the others."

Jefferson Blues Magazine, Sweden  ~ March 2018 ~

BLUESBREEKER (The Netherlands)

“Een fantastisch mooi album met daarop pareltjes van songs. Of er een nummer uitspringt? Ja … er springen twaalf nummers uit.”

"A fantastic & beautiful album with pearls of songs. Does a song jump out? Yes … all twelve songs do."

Bluesbreeker, The Netherlands ~ March 2018 ~